The Neural Archives Foundation
Archiving: Personalities, Memories and Experience

Your Avatar

NAF encourages donors of neural tissue to also preserve other "Ancillary Information" (emails, other written documentation, audio and video recordings and photographs) in digital form. As an aid to this process NAF is in the process of developing a "Semantic Avatar" for each of our donors. For people who arrange for the storage of their neural tissue well in advance of the time that the storage happens, they will have the time and opportunity to have "conversations" with their Avatar that is available to them - as another way of preserving the information in the donor's head. The Avatar can be thought of as a future version of the donor themselves - one perhaps that has "lost it's memory" and needs it's memories reconstituted by discussions with it's "past" self. With enough dialog, the Avatar will form an extensive repository of the donor's memories and will be able to hold intelligent conversations with the donor regarding all of this information.

We are currently testing our donor Avatars and if you would like to participate in the testing process, please contact us.